Wellden Turnbull Tax Investigations Protection

Covering the year 1 June 2018 to 31 May 2019

Our tax investigation service is backed by an insurance policy under which Wellden Turnbull Ltd (“we”) has insured against the cost of dealing with tax investigations for income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, value added tax and national insurance contributions. We are the insured party, and can claim our fees when we defend you against an HMRC investigation as follows:

What is the cover?
  • It is for our fees; and
  • up to £125,000 (except as set out below).
What enquiries are covered?
  • enquiries that start during the cover period, that is, between 1 June 2018 and 31 May 2019 (not those relating to the period covered);
  • disputes about assessments and decisions following a VAT or PAYE enquiry visit;
  • IR35 status enquiries, provided that there is a written contract that has been followed; and
  • attendance at HMRC visits to inspect your accounting, PAYE and VAT records (a limit of £5,000).
What is not covered?
  • HMRC specialist investigations, civil investigations of fraud, criminal investigations, fraud investigation services, counter avoidance sections and codes of practice 8 and 9 cases;
  • schemes that are, or that should have been, disclosed under the disclosure of tax avoidance schemes rules (DOTAS) or on which the GAAR panel have ruled against and, at the discretion of the insurers, some “bespoke” tax planning arrangements;
  • claims arising out of deliberate non-disclosure or poor record keeping, or following a voluntary disclosure or costs of third party valuations;
  • any additional tax, interest and penalties;
  • enquiries into returns submitted more than 90 days late;
  • if revised accounts must be prepared following an enquiry;
  • where we, or our insurers, consider that there is no arguable case; and
  • if we cannot, for any reason, claim on our insurance.

Who is covered?

  • Our clients, where we have been engaged to submit a tax return before an enquiry notice has been issued; and who have paid the fee and received confirmation of cover.

This service will automatically charge VAT, if this does not apply to you please contact us on +44 (0)1932 868 444

This service is for existing clients of Wellden Turnbull Limited

To use this service you must be a current client of Wellden Turnbull Limited. We must have been engaged to prepare and submit your tax return. If you are not an active client and you use this service to purchase tax investigation cover you will not be able to claim.

There is no discount for cover taken part way through the cover period, and no refund for early cancellation. Payment will be taken automatically. Cover is offered from the time and date of receipt of payment and not before. Cover is confirmed by email - if you do not not received this email, do not assume you are covered and contact Wellden Turnbull on 01932 868 444 immediately.

More information in respect of pricing, refund, cancellation, and data collection policies may be found here